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Our sponsored puppy, Truffle, is now a working Guide Dog.

Truffle has now qualified and is partnered with new owner, Pat.

truffle-Pat-180x240 truffle--pat-sitting truffle-pat-walking

Truffle is Pat’s second guide dog. Her first was a golden retriever named Milo – but before that, Pat used a white cane. “I would fall over a lot when using it and was always breaking bones” Pat explained. Now she has Truffle, her confidence has grown and Truffle is a treasured member of her family. She is as “good as gold” when around Pat’s son, Sam, who suffers from MS and Aspergers. Truffle especially loves to play with Pat’s granddaughter.

Truffle and Pat go out two or three times a day and make the short trip to the market every week. There are lots of small streets in Pat’s town and Truffle does a fantastic job of navigating through them. “She goes quietly through the market and is very well behaved, but she doesn’t like the papier-mâché animals that decorate the market!” says Pat.

Pat and Truffle do everything together, “she is a marvellous companion and I have so much confidence in her when we go out” Pat beamed. It’s clear they are the perfect duo; we wish them all the best in their future adventures.

Here’s a reminder of the puppy she was.


There’s more about Truffle here and lots of pictures here.



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