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My, how she’s grown : update on our sponsored trainee guide dog

We’re sponsoring Truffle through her training to be a guide dog.  She’s grown a lot ! Here’s the latest update from Guide Dogs on her progress.

truffle-1-180px Truffle has now started the next stage of her incredible journey to becoming a guide dog, by enrolling at Guide Dog Training School. Her new trainer, Laura, tells us how her training had been going.

Truffle has settled well into her new environment. “Truffle has moved from her puppy walkers’ into kennels with no problems and has made lots of new friends. She is now sharing a kennel with two of my other dogs in training, Bass and John. They enjoy playing and chilling out together” Laura explained.

At school, Truffle will be taught lots of important guiding techniques, so she needs to make sure she’s focused at all times. During the first couple of weeks, Laura concentrated on building a bond with Truffle so that they got to know each other a bit better, and gained trust in each other’s working techniques. Laura explained “We have had lots of free runs together, grooming sessions and obedience lessons, all of these activities were to ensure she settled in well and to get her used to me as her trainer.”

Laura is pleased with how Truffle is progressing with her training and has recetruffle-training210ntly introduced her to the obstacle course. Laura explained “I am teaching Truffle the ‘over’ and ‘in’ commands on the obstacle course. She is learning to concentrate on me as her handler and to understand these new commands”.

We asked Laura to describe Truffle, she told us “Truffle is a bright and willing girl with a sensitive side. She loves interaction with people. She can be easily distracted at times but is learning to refocus and listen to my instructions”. This is something that Laura will focus on while working with Truffle over the next few weeks.


The Cute Puppy

Here’s a reminder of the cute puppy Truffle was




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