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Snowy – our sponsored trainee guidedog

We’ve been sponsoring Snowy through her guide dog training. Snowy’s now moved on from her puppy walkers and has started Guide Dog Training School.

Here’s the latest update from Guide Dogs for the Blind : Snowy the Guide Dog

When a guide dog puppy first moves to training school, the trainer spends time building a bond with the puppy before they begin working together.

Caroline, her trainer, told us that she and Snowy had plenty of one-on-one time which involved lots of playing, short obedience sessions, and non-harness walks around quiet areas. “She’s a bit cheeky” said Caroline, “but she’s very intelligent and affectionate!”

After the initial bonding process the work really began! Snowy has now been introduced to her training harness and according to Caroline, she adapted to it with no problems at all. Caroline then started working on the main tasks Snowy will learn at training school, including ‘right shoulder work’. This is where the dog learns to move far enough to the left so they avoid obstacles on the handler’s right hand side.
Snowy the Guide Dog 2
Caroline told us “Snowy’s showing a good degree of confidence which is speeding up the learning process. She started using her own initiative from the outset which is a great sign!”

As well as her training, Snowy’s also been making lots of new friends at school. “Snowy’s currently staying in kennels with a dog called Fizz” said Caroline, “and she really enjoys playing with her!” Snowy’s progressing really well with her training, but there’s still a lot of work to be done.

And here’s a video of Snowy & friends at 6 weeks.



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