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Google Adwords Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Targeted advertising with measurable results

Adwords can deliver a nationwide marketing campaign, within the budget of any business. It is precision targeted, and results are precisely measurable.

Unlike most other forms of advertising, :

  • your ads are only shown to people with an active interest in your products
  • you only pay when people respond to your advert, by clicking

Adwords is also complex and ever-changing, which is why many SMEs cannot use it. We make it work for you, and keep it simple.

How we make it work

We will

  • identify the best keywords for your target market
  • write effective ads
  • continually monitor and update your campaign
  • precision-target your ads

Simple updates

We email you once a week to tell you how the ads are performing, and the updates we've done, with as little technical jargon as possible.

Don't worry about the complexities of Adwords, such as sitelink extensions or remarketing tags. Just tell us what your budget is, and we do the rest.

Simple agreements

Some agencies try to lock you into long-term contracts, with no easy way out. We are confident our clients will stay with us because we deliver results. Therefore you can end your agreement with us whenever you want.

Precision targeting

We aim your precisely at your prospects using

  • their location
  • their device : mobile or desktop
  • their keywords
  • their browsing history : have they visited your site ?


Business has really taken off since we starting using Webuseful to run an Adwords campaign for us.

Ann Stockman
Premier Badges
Ingatestone, Essex

Adwords Top Tips

If you'd rather Do It Yourself, here's 5 top tips :

  • Do Not Pay Full Price : There are always special offers around for new accounts.
  • Count Sales, Not Clicks : Adwords gives you lots of stats, but the real measure is the sales it generates.
  • Test, Learn and Improve : Never run just one advert. Always split test, that is, run 2 ads.
  • Make Your Ads as Local as You Are
  • Think Problem, Not Solution : If you are struggling to find good keywords, try starting from the problem