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Innovative Courier Web App

Phase 1 : A better way to link couriers to jobs

A smart use for smartphones

Everyone has a smartphone nowadays - especially couriers. Being able to keep in touch, check emails, and find maps is a real benefit to their business. Phones have another smart ability : they know where you are. The web app we developed for KB Sameday uses this to link couriers to nearby jobs.

When a courier has finished a job, to be able to find another job nearby for the return journey is great. It changes the return journey from dead time to money-earning time.

Collaborative Development

The app was developed through close co-operation between Webuseful and KB Sameday.

The functionality was developed and agreed though a series of meetings, then a formal specification drawn up, as the basis of the agreement between the companies. Webuseful agreed to develop at a fixed cost to this specification.

When the app was ready for testing Webuseful put it live on a test server, so that KB Sameday could try it out, and invite feedback from some of their couriers. This made sure that, when it went live, it worked well.

Simple Interface

The app's interface is simple to use, and optimised for phones. After logging on they can simply click a "I'm free" button. This passes their current location back to the central database, which searches for nearby jobs. All searches use correct road distances, so are accurate.

If the courier is planning ahead, perhaps for a load to bring back this afternoon after this morning's drop-off, they can give a bit more information. This includes where they will be, when they are free, and the distance they are willing to go to collect the job.

Keeping everyone informed

All the jobs that match a search are listed. To take a job the courier simply touches a button to see the full details, then touches another button to claim the job. This updates the central database to show that the job has been claimed.

Road journeys do not always go as planned, so both couriers and admins can add updates to the job.

When the job is delivered the courier simply enters the name of the person who received the delivery. This, plus date & time, update the job in the central database, marking it as having been delivered.


Courier web app Job Search screen.
Job Search screen ( iPhone screenshot)

Courier web app Job Details screen.
Job Details screen ( iPhone screenshot) Job

Phase 2 : Adding efficiencies

Good communications means happy customers

We enhanced the system so that the customer who sent the item is automatically emailed to confirm that the parcel has arrived. The email confirms the date, time and the name of the person who received the delivery.

KB Sameday's customers really value this enhanced customer service. Knowing their urgent delivery has arrived on time, or even early, means they have one less thing to worry about.

Webuseful have also added a facility for automatic quotes, which means that KB Sameday's clients can get an accurate quote or a job within seconds, at any time of day or night.

Internal Efficiencies

As the number of jobs put through the system increased the need for KB Sameday to improve their internal processes also increased.

Webuseful have implemented a series of enhancements to achieve this, including :

  • Excel download of information for invoices
  • Extra fields per job to track payment status, with easy updating
  • PDF delivery notes


Webuseful developed our new web-based courier system, The system makes it easy for us to place jobs with couriers who are in the right area at the right time, and easy for couriers to find jobs which are nearby, by using the functionality of their smartphone. It also automate the workflow of our business. We believe this gives us a real advantage over our competitors.

Steve was quick to understand what we wanted, and very helpful in turning our idea into a fully working system. We’d be happy to recommend him.

Brian May
MD, KB Sameday