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Our SEO gets your web site on the first page of Google.

Prospects are currently actively searching for a company like yours : our SEO means that they find you.

Why We Are Different

Many other companies offer SEO, and they all promise to get you on the first page. Unlike many of our competitors in Harlow and beyond we are able to back this up with a track record of SEO success.

It's Simple.

Here's how it works. We carry out detailed keyword research, then agree with you the best keywords for your business : the terms your prospects will use to find you. We agree with you what it's worth each month for your business to be on the first page of Google for those terms.

At the start of every month we will tell you how your site is ranking. If you are happy with our work, that's great. If not, you can step away at any time. We do not tie you into long-term contracts or complex cancellation procedures.

Costs start from £20 per month upwards, and depend on how competitive the SEO target keywords are.

Lasting Value

We don't "fire and forget" - improve your ranking, take your money, and go. We aim to give lasting value, by delivering high rankings over a long period.

This needs constant work, as Google is always changing, and your competitors are always trying hard to get ahead of you.

SEO or Social Media?

Social media are a big part of people's lives, and get a lot of their time. This leads some social media gurus to claim it's replaced SEO for business.

It's not true. Social media is where we socialise: Google is where we plan our next purchase. It's where we research the product, then decide where to make the purchase. That's where your business needs to be: our SEO gets you there.


Keyword Research

To us, SEO is about delivering potential customers to your site, and new clients to your business. Achieving a lot of site visits or a high Google ranking, are always means to these ends.

Achieving a high ranking on for a search term that is never used by your prospects will not bring you business.

That's why we put a lot of time, effort and expertise into keyword research. We identify the best keywords for your SEO campaign, which :

  • have a high number of searches
  • have a low level of competitor sites
  • are used by people looking for businesses like yours

The Secret of SEO

The secret of SEO success is - there is no secret. Everything that's done to a site to optimise it is visible to everybody, not just the search engines. Every link in to a site is visible, too, with tools such as Backlink Watch.

We do not have one secret trick that will kick you straight to the top of Google - and we don't believe those who claim they do. We do have a toolbox of techniques, each of which helps move your site upwards. We work hard at applying all the techniques to keep your site on the first page.

People, not Google, come first.

Some SEO companies stuff your site with keywords, which makes it dull to read for human visitors. They also add content scraped from other sites or Wikipedia which is of no interest to your prospects. We don't do this: people,. not Google, come first to us.

SEO tips

We regularly use our blog to share SEO tips


We love Google updates

Google's big updates, like Panda and Penguin, induce panic in some SEO companies. We love them. Their effect is to improve the rankings of sites using quality, ethical SEO, by getting rid of spammy sites and dodgy SEO. As we only do ethical SEO, the updates help our SEO, and our clients.


Thanks to your work we are now getting over four times as many hits to our web site than we were getting this time last year and I’m certain this can be directly linked to the fact that our enquiry rate is 60% up as a result.

Steve May
Abbot Datastore

It's working - we are rushed off our feet!

Ian Stockman
Premier Badges
Ingatestone, Essex

The web site you created for us, and the Search Engine Optimisation, have put us in touch with some very good prospects.

I'm happy to recommend Webuseful to anyone.

Roy Holland
RPJ Document Scanning
Harlow, Essex

SEO Success

Here's proof that we can deliver effective SEO. Please check our track record of SEO success for companies in Harlow and beyond.