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Buddy – Puppy Walking

Buddy is now at the Puppy Walking stage of his training.  His trainer says:

“Buddy has kept his playful nature which is great to see, however when his blue puppy jacket goes on, he knows it is time to work! He’s become much more obedient and focused and is very responsive to commands.”

“Now that Buddy has mastered basic commands we’ve been developing more challenging skills. One of these is the ‘head’ command, in which Buddy puts his head on my leg to allow me to check his ears, eyes and teeth. He has picked this up very quickly and it makes health checking him so much quicker and easier.”

“I’ve also taught Buddy to ‘find the chair’. He can now locate empty seats on the bus, train, in a coffee shop and in the park. This will be a valuable skill to his future guide dog owner.”



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