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“Our enquiry rate is 60% up, thanks to your work “

One of our clients, Abbot Datastore, emailed us to say that their enquiry rate has gone up 60% in a year, thanks to our work.

We run a Google Adwords pay-per-click advertising campaign for Abbot, and also Search Engine Optimisation for their site.  Steve May, Abbot’s Head of Sales, writes:

I’ve just noted that thanks to your work we are now getting over four times as many hits to our web site than we were getting this time last year and I’m certain this can be directly linked to the fact that our enquiry rate is 60% up as a result.

Many thanks for your hard work and attention to our needs.

Steve & the team.

The Abbot site ranks very well on Google for many search terms that are closely related to their business, including Document Storage London, Film Storage London, and Video Storage London



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