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How to keep Google happy: an easy way to spot duplicate content.

Google does not like duplicate content, and penalises sites where it’s found.  Here’s an easy way to check your site.

Duplicate content tells Google that a site is poor quality and spammy.  It is not always obvious.  Sometime’s it’s an accidental by-product of using a Content Management  System. I’ve seen WordPress sites with behind-the-scenes links to duplicate pages.  I scan sites to check for broken links. Sometimes the scan fails because parameters added to page addresses give an endless circle of duplicate pages.  If my scan fails, you can expect that Google will also give up on scanning the site.  This could mean that important pages are not seen by Google.

Siteliner is a quick way to check for duplicate content.  It’s also very helpful at showing you where the duplicate content is on each page.  It’s free for up to 250 pages, and cheap for more: 1 dollar for 100 pages. As well as duplicate content it tells you about broken links, page speed, page size and more.  If you site’s Google ranking is important to you, it’s well worth 10 minutes of your time.



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