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Legend is at Training School

Legend has just moved on to early training at Training School with his new trainer, Emily.

Legend with his trainer, Emiliy

Legend with his trainer, Emily.

Emily is delighted with the progress Legend has made in the short time they have been together. Although he missed his puppy walker a lot at first, he has started to settle in and bond with Emily really closely now. She regularly takes him free-running, grooms him and plays with him to help build their relationship.

“Legend learns incredibly quickly, but he’s so funny with it,” says Emily.  “He will focus really well on a task, and then all of a sudden, he will roll over with his tongue out for a cuddle! A few seconds later he will remember he is supposed to be training, sit up straight and regain his composure; he



makes me laugh so much!”

When out and about, Emily is really pleased with Legend. Heel work and obedience are the two major things that a guide dog in early training must master. “Legend’s heel work is impeccable,” Emily tells us, “which means we can trust him not to unbalance his future owner by suddenly pulling away”.

Emily describes Legend as extremely intelligent, willing to work, keen to please and loving, with a real zest for life! Emily thinks that these are amazing qualities for a guide dog, and she has high hopes for him.




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