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Our sponsored guide dog Legend’s training continues.

We’ve sponsored Legend for more than a year now, since he was a cheeky puppy.  He’s now at training school, has almost finished his early training, and will be moving on to advanced training soon.

Legend learning about buses.

Legend learning about buses.

Emily his trainer says  “It makes me happy just talking about him. He’s very loyal – he forms such a strong bond to whoever he is with. He is one of those dogs that puts a smile on your face every day.”

Emily tells us that, “Legend’s training has come on in leaps and bounds. He has shown a really good understanding of his work and he’s picked up all guiding tasks such as his ‘right shoulder’ work really well”. This is when a guide dog learns that when approaching an obstacle they have to move over to the ‘right’ far enough so that the obstacle is avoided, not only by themselves but by their trainer as well.

Legend looking very grown up.

Emily says “Legend loves it when he gets something right and all he needs is verbal praise as this means the world to him!” It’s so great that Legend has picked up this awareness already!”

His sister Daisy is also at the training school and they have such a brother-sister relationship. They love winding each other up and trying to get each other to play!



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