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Running the Halstead Marathon, for a local charity.

On Sunday 7th May I’m running the Halstead Marathon, for  local charity Freshwaters Contact Centre.  Update : I finished the hot and hilly marathon on 4 hours 18 minutes.

Steve training for the Halstead Marathon

The centre is a safe and friendly place for kids to meet the parent they don’t live with.  Last year we helped 43 children from 29 different families.

I’ve been a volunteer for 7 years, and am now also a trustee.  Over the years I’ve seen lots of very happy things happen, and also some very sad things.  I love what we do.

The purpose of the run is to raise money, of course, so donations here are most welcome.  It’s also about raising awareness of what we do, to make sure that those who might need us know where to find us.  So, please do spread the word.  The centre is free to use, and the separated parents don’t need to meet if they don’t want to.



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