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Is your site fast & mobile-friendly? Google will tell you, and how to fix it.

Google’s new service will tell you in a few seconds if your web site is fast and mobile friendly, and how to fix it where it fails.

Simply go here, enter your site’s address. and wait a few seconds.  You will find out three things about your site:

  • Is it mobile-friendly?
  • How fast is it on mobile?
  • How fast is it on desktop?

Optionally you can receive a detailed email report on how to fix the issues.  It’s technical, so share it with you web developer to get the issues fixed.  Speed matters to users, especially on mobile, and it matters to Google when it ranks sites, so it’s certainly worth spending a little time and money on this.

Here’s the site report on my site.  It’s good, but one or two things can be improved:






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