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Why we love WordPress 4: it looks how you want it to look.

What does a WordPress website look like?  Whatever you want.Corporate or crazy, classy or edgy, WordPress does it all. Plus, it makes it easy.

WordPress themes

The design of a WordPress site is defined by a theme.  Changing the theme changes the design, while leaving the content unchanged.  Switching themes just takes a couple of clicks.  You can also see a preview of how your site will look with the new theme before you make the switch.

Downloading a new theme takes a little longer: perhaps all of a minute.  Themes can have options to customise them to your needs, for example by adding your logo, or using your colour scheme.

DIY website?  Use a standard theme offers 3,000 free themes here.  They cover every type of website.  If you need particular features or functionality there are also thousands of paid-for “premium” themes, on and on sites like ThemeForest.  

A small word of warning.  The authors of premium themes want to appeal to as many customers as possible.  They add in as many bells and whistles as possible.  Configuring the theme can take a little time.

Got a design?  Use a bespoke theme.

If you already have a design, or clear ideas on the design, a bespoke theme will work best for you.  It will be more expensive, but it will have exactly the appearance you want, and exactly the features you want.

We, and many others, create bespoke WordPress themes. For our customers we create the design.  We also work with graphic designers, turning their designs  into working websites for their clients.

Here’s a few examples of our work:



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