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Why we love WordPress 5: it does what you want it to do.

WordPress is designed to be extendable and flexible. When you want your website to do something extra, WordPress makes it easy.

One happy consequence of WordPress being popular is that lots of developers create extra functionality for it.  The extra functionality is delivered as a plugin.  You simply download it, activate it, and configure it to do what you want.

WordPress has 48,000 free plugins available,  so the functionality you want is almost certainly there.  It’s easy to pick out the best plugins because the site shows how often a plugin has been installed, when it was last updated, and how users have rated it. 

Two of my favourites, used on almost all mys sites,  are Yoast and Contact Form 7.  Yoast does Search Engine Optimisation very well.  It’s been given a five-star rating 22,600 times, which shows how good it is.  Contact Form 7, as you’ve probably guessed, adds contact forms to your site. It can include the Google reCaptcha to stop spammers.

Other plugins add more extensive functionality.  For example, WooCommerce extends WordPress to sell online.  It is the most popular eCommerce platform on the web.  BuddyPress extends WordPress into a social network platform.  It allow companies, clubs or any other community to run their own social network.

As with themes, there are paid plugins as well as free ones.  Some have a free and a paid version, and often the free version does all you need.  Free plugins often ask for donations, which is fair enough: the developer gives his time, and deserves a reward.



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