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Why we love WordPress 6: it’s great for SEO.

For a business a great website is no use at all if only the business owner & the designer ever look at it. To find new clients a good ranking on Google is essential. That’s why it’s important that WordPress is great for SEO.

Good straight out of the box.

Straight out of the box, WordPress gets most things right. There are 2 settings you need to check. The first is under Settings/Reading, and is “Discourage search engines from indexing this site”. When ticked it does exactly that, which is fine when the site is under development, but not good once the site is live.

The second is under Settings/Permalinks. Permalink is the WordPress name for the page’s URL. Choose “Post Title” and the URL will include the title of page. This helps tell Google what the page is about. It is important for SEO. When you edit a page you can can edit the permalink to make sure it has all the important keywords.

Even better with plugins

There are lots of plugins that make WordPress even better. We’ll make the choice simple for you. Yoast is the best. It does most of what you need for on-site SEO. It gives lots of advice to those who are new to SEO. We’ve used it on lots of sites. One small caveat: don;t try to follow all the advice on every page. You will spend time on SEO which would be better spent on writing great new content for the site: better for both SEO and sales.

Do you need an SEO expert?

Yoast claim “We walk you through every step: no need to be or hire an SEO expert.”  I disagree.  If you want to make the first page of Google for a competitive search term, you will have to beat thousands of competitor sites.  That needs quality links in to your site, and a deep technical understanding of SEO.

I suggest you look for an expert with a visible track record of SEO Success.  There’s more about our approach here.



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