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Effective business websites.

The Starting Point

Our approach is that a web site is not a technical project or a design project : it is a marketing project. Therefore web site design starts two basic questions : who are you talking to, and what action do you want from them.

The answer to the first question is that you are talking to your target market: the people with a desire or need to which you can solve. The action you want from them is to buy from you. That may be to buy now online, or may be to make contact with you to discuss their specific needs, and so start the sales process..

To persuade visitors to buy from you, not your competition, requires an effective web site.

Creating Effective Sites

We create effective sites by using our skills in 3 key areas :

  • design
  • content
  • technical wizardry


Our designs are distinctive and memorable. They make a good first impression, and turn it into a lasting good impression. They are always clean and clear: we never create a site that looks flash, but is really hard to use,

The design is based on two things: your target market, and the key values of your company. We work hard to create a design that communicates your core values to your target market.


We communicate, clearly and persuasively, what's special about you company, and why your prospects should choose you. That starts, again, with understanding your market and your message.

Unlike many web design firms, we get to know our clients personally. It's the best way to learn what's special about their business.

We have found many times that talking to a prospect, in their offices, leads to us finding out some really positive things about their company, which their prospects would want to know, but which are not on their current web site.

Technical Wizardry

We use our technical skills to make sites more informative and engaging. We can add extra functionality to a web site.

We can also help businesses increase efficiency and gain a competitive edge by developing bespoke web-based solutions.

Complete Solutions, Fixed Price

Webuseful provide a complete solution, for a fixed price. We provide everything from domain name registration to design and implementation to hosting. 

Webuseful implemented the site very quickly, and for much less than their competitors quoted.

Paul Spalding
Paul Spalding Automotive

We really enjoyed working with Webuseful on our site. The site works really well for us.

Jan Willis, Executive Advisor,
Calibra Consulting

Webuseful developed our new web-based courier system, We believe this gives us a real advantage over our competitors.

Steve was quick to understand what we wanted, and very helpful in turning our idea into a fully working system. We’d be happy to recommend him.

Brian May,
ffwd Group