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WordPress Web Site Case Study: Sir Charles Kao UTC, Harlow.

Sir Charles Kao UTC

Sir Charles Kao University Technical College (SCK) in Harlow is a new, multi- million pound education centre. It offers students aged from 4 to 19 the opportunity to combine academic and technical learning.

The problem : too complex, too costly

SCK rely on their website to help reach out to potential students, their parents, and to potential partner companies. The first version of their website looked good, but had some problems:

  • too complex for visitors
  • slow and complicated to update for SCK
  • often updates required extra work by the developers, at extra cost.

The solution : WordPress

We met SCK in July 2015 to discuss a way forward. We proposed moving the site to WordPress, because:

  • quick and easy to update
  • very widely used
  • a standard package and so well supported
  • easy to add extra functionality, such as calendars

As part of the process we also simplified the design, to focus on the things that are a priority to their target market.

Implementing the solution

We worked closely with SCK throughout the implementation.

At one meeting three SCK students also contributed their ideas on the site's design and functionality

To speed up the process we set up a new WordPress installation on our test server, so SCK could work on the content while we created the new template.


Sir Charles Kao UTC Harlow Website

What SCK Say.

We needed to move our existing website over to WordPress in order to reduce costs and make editing and adapting the website more user-friendly.

Steve was wonderful to work with and did a fantastic job of replicating our existing site (with a few amendments). He was very helpful in making any changes and we are proud to have worked with a local supplier.

Michael McKeaveney,

Sir Charles Kao University Technical College, Harlow.